Industrial Partitions

Steel and mesh partitions are installed by MPC for a number of applications. Whether for secure/high valuable enclosures. High flammable areas or sound enclosures. Or just for added durability in industrial areas.

Partitions are available as single skin, double skin and mesh. The double skin steel option can be fire rated to thirty minutes or one hour.

Self supported suspended ceilings, steel or mesh roofs can be installed to ‘cap’ the enclosure.

Various colour options are available.

Latest Industrial Partitions Projects...

industrial partitioningInspirepac Single Skin
Secure EnclosureSecure Enclosure
Aerosol EnclosureAerosol Enclosure
Single & Double SkinSingle and Double Skin Partitioning
Pharmaceutical Secure AreaPharmaceutical Secure Area
Double Skin Steel EnclosureDouble Skin Steel Enclosure